Mathematics and Numeracy

ln this Area of Learning and Experience, our learners will have the opportunity to study Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics.  In the lessons, the learners will use the number system to represent and compare relationships between numbers and quantities  They will use symbol systems to express the structure of mathematical relationships in algebra.  Geometry work will focus on relationships involving shape, space and position, and they will use and analyse statistics to support informed conclusions and decisions. 

By clicking on the links below, you’ll see a detailed overview of themes in mathematics and numeracy over three terms.  These are a summary of what matters in the AoLE.  This includes what is being taught, why it’s being taught and how learning will happen. In order to help you as parents and guardians, you’ll find a list of key vocabulary to enrich your child’s language and communication skills. There is also information for you on how to support your child’s education in this particular AoLE.

Please click on the links below to access overviews for each term and enjoy browsing through our brand new schemes of work for Mathematics and Numeracy. Diolch yn fawr.