Report Harassment

NEW - How to report a concern regarding harassment at Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni.

At Cwm Rhymni, we know that one of the single greatest fears of all parents and caregivers, is the fear that their child might be bullied, and it is because of this we have worked tirelessly over the years to construct tight and robust systems at our schools.

Just some of these systems include:

  1. Staff presence in High Viz jackets at every break and lunch time in the building, on the yard, in toilets and in the stairwells.

  2. Investing in high quality and approved wellbeing programmes of study (JIGSAWPSHE), which aim to teach self and co-respect, body-autonomy, consent, human rights and mental health to name a few.

  3. Employing a Wellbeing Officer to deal with immediate wellbeing concerns.

  4. Daily meetings between Heads of Year and Heads of Lower / Upper school to discuss issues or concerns raised that same working day.

  5. Restorative trained staff who liaise with pupils in an attempt to re-build relationships.

  6. Two highly praised Wellbeing rooms managed by trauma-trained non-teaching staff such as a qualified nurse and expert in Child-Psychology.

  7. Child behaviour support staff who coordinate interventions following instances of anti-social behaviours or concerning attitudes.

  8. Meetings with parents or caregivers as soon as possible following any concern.

  9. Designated Email addresses to our Heads of Years to ensure parents do not need to stay on hold on the phone during busy school days.

  10. Partnerships with companies such as ‘Bullies Out’ who work with year groups on the dangers and lasting impact of bullying.

  11. ALL STAFF have received training in safeguarding, neurodiversity, suicide awareness, recognising radicalisation, tackling harmful behaviours, equality and equity.

  12. Key members of staff who have received more tailored training in other areas such as LGBTQ+ support and recognising institutionalised racism and sexism, (to name a few).

  13. Wellbeing days that focus on building self-esteem, a growth mindset, healthy relationships and good mental health.

Our next step is to look at how parents, carers and pupils can report any forms of harassment discretely via our website so that we continue to refine our practice and ensure that the safety, wellbeing and happiness of our children is ALWAYS at the heart of everything we do here.

If you have any concerns regarding an instance of harassment defined as ‘aggressive pressure or intimidation’, then you can complete our secure Google Form which is monitored by the Safeguarding Team.

Please note that this account is NOT MONITORED outside of school hours. If you have a safeguarding concern, please follow the usual protocol of contacting Children’s Services (Safeguarding) or the police. You can make an anonymous report to both Children’s Services or the Police if you feel that providing your details would place you, the child or anyone else in possible danger or harm.

You can find more information about this protocol on the top of the Google Form.

Report Harassment

As always, thank you for your continued support which is sincerely appreciated. Together we can ensure that wellbeing and safety remains at the heart of everything we do.

Tracey Neale

Assistant Headteacher of Wellbeing