We are a unique school, as we are the only Welsh medium secondary school in Caerphilly County Borough. All pupils will be encouraged strongly to communicate with each other in Welsh, and to enjoy extra-curricular events that celebrate the use of the language. Parental involvement and encouragement for their children to speak Welsh as often as possible is essential.

There are several ways students can be supported:-

  • Through involvement in the Urdd.
  • Via Menter Iaith Caerffili (the Caerphilly Welsh Language Initiative).
  • By watching Welsh television and listening to radio programmes.
  • Using Welsh language books and magazines.
  • As a parent you too could learn Welsh in evening classes.

It is not realistic to prohibit phones being brought to school, nor is it logistically possible for schools to collect phones in each morning and return them in the afternoon. It is our policy to allow pupils to have a mobile phone with them in school under the conditions outlined in the policy below.

Phones must not be used for any purpose during the school day (e.g. phoning, texting, surfing the internet, taking photos, taking videos), including on arrival in school, break time and lunchtime.

Phones must always be switched off (not on silent mode) and kept out of view. If a pupil breaches these rules the phone will be confiscated and given in to the office. It will be returned the following day on receipt of a letter from parents.

Note: All points in the policy apply to phones, I pods, MP3, MP4 players and any similar electronic equipment.

One advantage of school uniform is to ensure that everyone looks similar whilst avoiding drawing attention.

In an effort to improve the supply of school uniform to parents or guardians, our school has become involved with Trutex School Link.

Trutex is a long-established school uniform business, experienced in providing school uniform direct to parents or guardians. Through its School Link service you are now able to purchase all our school uniform, and as an added advantage, the product will be delivered directly to your home (or specified address). Details specific to our school are within the School Link brochure. School Link supplies items of our school uniform throughout the year, at competitive prices, and at no extra cost. POSTAGE, PACKAGING and RETURNS are FREE.

Should you require information on the exact details of our uniform and sizing information, Trutex has a Helpline that will be able to assist you. Please call 01200 421206 for details. Trutex has guaranteed that for each item of school uniform purchased through School Link, 10% of the sale will be donated back to the school.

The school uniform can be purchased from any one of these outlets:

Maintenance and Clothing Grant

A Maintenance and Clothing Grant is available for pupils beginning their education in Year 7 and for pupils in Year 9 eligible for free meals. A free meals form is available from school.

A visualisation of the school uniform.

Every pupil is expected to take an active part in every lesson. Occasionally if a pupil might not be able to contribute fully to the lesson they will still be expected to bring their kit (including a tracksuit or other protective clothing for the cold/wet).

Every pupil should bring the kit suitable for the relevant activity.



  • Official Rugby Shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • Red Socks
  • Rugby/football boots and/or suitable training shoes


  • White Shorts
  • Plain Red Vest
  • Trainers that offer adequate support
Illustration of the boys PE kit
Illustration of the girls PE kit

Netball/Hockey/Cross Country:

  • Black Skort
  • Red Shirt with Collar
  • Red/Black/Grey Sweatshirt
  • Trainers that offer adequate support
  • Black Tracksuit Bottoms (in place of skirt during adverse weather)


  • Black Skort or Shorts
  • Red Shirt with Collar
  • Trainers that offer adequate support.

Outdoor Activities:

  • Warm clothing suitable for wet weather – including gloves, hat and wellingtons or walking boots.
GCSE and AS/A Level Pupils

Due to the practical demands of the courses and extra-curricular activities, pupils will be given the opportunity to purchase a black and white shirt with a collar and school badge.


Further policies are available below, and from the school upon request.



Relationships and Behaviour

Lockdown Policy





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