Cwricwlwm i Rymni - Our new curriculum

Croeso / Welcome

It’s our pleasure to invite you to browse through the concise information on the various pages of this website, along with a series of lively and informative videos, so that you understand all aspects of our new curriculum and have complete confidence in our ambitions, for your children, through Cwricwlwm i Rymni.

Mr Webb, Headteacher, will present an introduction our new, ambitious, bespoke and exciting curriculum.

Mr McAvoy, Assistant Head, will explain all the changes to the curriculum in Wales and how it affects your child.

Mr Conway, Assistant Head, will explain the new progress and assessment procedures for Year 7 and 8.

Mrs Roberts will explain how our Big Project contribute to the 3 layers of learning in Cwricwlwm i Rymni.

Mr Jenkins, Assistant Head, will explain our Inclusion and Additional Learning needs model, ensuring that every child matters.

Click on the images below to discover more about what, why and how pupils will be learning in each of the 6 Areas of Learning and Experience: