Posted on: 0:22/01/2020

Proposed Changes to the School Uniform

We would like to thank everyone that took part in the recent consultation.  A school governors’ meeting was held this week to discuss the results of the consultation process.  Here is a summary of the discussion:

  • It is evident that pupils, staff and parents are extremely proud of the school uniform, of the high standards, that it is unique, and is an integral part of the school’s history and identity.
  • If the uniform is to change, the most popular choice amongst pupils, staff and parents is the white shirt with the tie which includes the three colours (currently the boys’ tie).
  • Even though white shirts are cheaper to buy, there are concerns with regards to how quickly they can become scruffy
  • At the moment all items of the school uniform can be washed at the same time.  White shirts would need to be washed separately.
  • One compromise would be to keep the current uniforms, and give pupils the choice to wear whichever one they prefer.  We don’t envisage that many pupils, if any at all, would choose to change colour.  Would this mean that we have “unofficial” uniforms for boys/girls?  We don’t think that this would make it any easier for individuals who are having difficulties with gender identity.
  • The guideleine in the consultation document is quite clear; “schools’ uniform policies should not dictate different items of clothing on the basis of sex or gender”.  We could leave the uniform unchanged, but as a school should we be ignoring Welsh Government guidelines?  A copy of the consultation document is enclosed.

The decision of the governing body is to extend the consultation process, and to ask pupils, staff and parents for their opinion once again.

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Click Here For: Consultation Draft on School Uniform and Appearance Policies