Posted on: 0:12/12/2019

Cwm Rhymni Dreigiau's Bulletin

Who are the ‘Dreigiau’?

We are a small, but enthusiastic group of year 7,8 9 students who are passionate about the Welsh language and who are keen to enjoy using our unique language in a natural and informal environment during our lunch time  at the Dragons Club (Clwb y Dreigiau). We now meet twice a week and enjoy relaxing whilst playing board games, listening to contemporary Welsh music, researching useful Welsh apps and writing articles about the school’s activities. We have also been busy filming students and teachers promoting the Shw Mae Day and celebrating the prestigious competitive football game between the teachers and six form students to raise money for Children in Need.

What is our vision?

Our vision is to promote the Welsh language and contribute towards the Welsh government’s vision to increase the number of Welsh speakers in Wales to 1,000,000 by 2050. We want to provide valuable opportunities that will inspire the pupils of Cwm Rhymni to use the Welsh language in all aspects of their lives and to show that it is not the language of lessons and learning only.

Establishing the Dragons sub Committee.

It was a privilege and an honour to be present to listen to an array of inspirational ideas from the Dragons at the Sub-Committee conference held in October. We had the opportunity to share our insight with the pupils at both sites and the highlight of the day was to share our objectives in front of 120 student and the Headmaster. Our hopes for this year are therefore: -

1. Share information about Welsh language programmes, music and apps

2. Promote the Welsh language to the wider society (specifically canteen staff, guardians and governors).

3. Distribute the Word of the Week

4. Celebrate important Welsh language days and events.

The work is already underway, and we have already distributed support leaflets to the Year 7 parents during parents’ evening, we have celebrated the Shw Mae day and have promoted Yr Eira as band of the month.

Our big campaign next term will be to strengthen our relationship with the workplace and to offer Welsh language lessons and creating posters to encourage canteen staff, caretakers and governors to start every conversation through the medium of the Welsh language. We understand that these are only baby steps, but we hope to grow from strength to strength, ensuring that present and future students take pride in the language and will have the confidence to converse together naturally.

If any parent or past pupils wish to assist us with our vision in promoting the Welsh language or is willing to talk about their positive experiences using the Welsh language in the community or in their workplace , please contact us.